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Rubco Furniture

Rubco Furniture

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RUBCO Home Series
Rubco Home Series Rubco Home Series Rubco Home Series
Rubco Home Series Rubco Home Series Rubco Home Series
Rubco Home Series Rubco Home Series Rubco Home Series
Rubco Home Series
Sofa 3+1+1 [Elegance] Teapoy with glass top [Elegance] Oval dining table 6 seater (wooden top) [Elegance]
Crockery display unit [Elegance] TV stand cum display unit [Elegance] Telephone stand [Elegance]
Cot 6.25  x 5 (Double) with side unit [Home Nest] Dressing table with chest of drawers and stool [Home Nest] Computer table small [ Home Nest]
Breton chair with cushion [Home Nest] Wardrobe 3 doors with full size mirror [Home Nest] Cot 6.25x5 (Double) [Captain]
Dressing table with stool and chest of drawers[Captain]  Computer table Small [Captain] Breton chair with cushion[Captain]
Two door wardrobe with full size mirror [ Caption] Bunker Cot [Explorer] Cot 6.25x3 (2 nos) [Explorer]
Study table for two kids [Explorer] Chair with cushion for study table [Explorer] Laundry basket [Explorer]
Toy Box [ Explorer] Wardrobe with full size mirror [Explorer] Shue Rack [Explorer]
Jumbo Cot with two side unit [welcome] Dressing table with stool [welcome] Luggage rack [ Welcome]
2 door wardrobe with full size mirror [Welcome] Office table And side unit [Executive Book shelf [ Executive]
Magazine rack [Executive] Executive Chair[Executive] : Sofa 2+1+1 [Marshall]
Teapoy with glass top [Marshall] Cot 6.25x5 OR (6.5x6) [Marshall] TV Stand (small) [Marshall]
Dining Table RT 48”/Square (4 seater) [Marshall] Classic Dining Chair Computer Table with chair [Marshall]
Telephone Stand [Marshall] Sofa 3+1+1 [Chancellor] Dressing table with Stool [ Chancellor]

Teapoy with glass top (Chancellor)

Cot 6.25x5 (double) [ Chancellor]
Cot 6.25x3 (single) [Chancellor]
TV Stand (Small) [ Chancellor]
Oval dining table with glass top [ Chancellor] Classic Dining Chair [ Chancellor]
Semi executive computer table & chair [ Chancellor] Telephone stand [ Chancellor] Rectangular dining table with glass top [ Chancellor]
Sofa 3+1+1 with cushion (Upholstery-Red/Blue/Ivory) [ Viceroy] Teapoy with glass top (Chancellor) Cot 6.25x3(Single) [ Viceroy]
Teapoy with glass top (Chancellor)
Study table for two kids with two chair [Viceroy]

Dressing table with stool [Viceroy]
TV stand –corner (big) [ Viceroy] Dining table (Oval) 6 seater [ Viceroy] TV stand –corner (big) [ Viceroy]
Wardrobe 2 door with mirror [Viceroy] Telephone stand [Viceroy] Dining table (Rectangular ) with Wooden top [ Viceroy]
TV stand with side display [ Viceroy] Rocker chair with ball bearing and stool [ Viceroy] Diwan with cushion  [ Viceroy]
Semi Executive Table Oval Dining Table with Wooden Top
Round Table with Wooden Top
Arm Chair Breton Chair Colonial Chair
Amish Chair Kerala Chair

Colonial Chair

Easy Chair

Easy Chair ( Cloth Type)

Rocker Chair
Futon Big Garden Chair with Teapoy Kiddies Table & Chair
Sofa set Simple Sofa Diwan
Sofa (Triple) Executie Table Cradle
Teapoy with rack Storage basket Wall rack
Computer Table Dressing Table 4 drawers Wooden Cot
TV Trolley TV Stand (small) Round Table With Empire Legs
Table Fan Stand Telephone Stand Kiddies Chair
Sofa Single TV Stand TV Stand
Teapoy with Glass Top and Empire Legs

Teapoy with Wooden Top and Empire Legs

Computer Table




Chariot Latino Regal

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