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RUBCO Elegance- "Signature of class"

Living cum Dining Room Furniture Package

Rubco Elegance brings an array of top-notch furniture for living rooms addressing the modern concepts on interiors. With unique Rubco features such as durability and eco friendliness, this package gives your living room the aristocratic look it deserves.

Item Code Quantity Dimension[mm]
Sofa 3+1+1 ELSS01 3 3 Seater-1700x740x1000
1 Seater-810x740x1000
Teapoy with glass top MRLTY01 1 760x520x410
Oval Dining Table 6 Seater (Wooden Top) VRDIT01 1 1770x1015x765
Amish Chair ELAC01 6 430x480x1080
Crockery display unit OR TV Stand cum display unit EECDU01
1 1270x615x2080
Telephone Stand VRTS01 1 450x450x510

Total 13

3 Seater :1700 x740 x1000