Rubco IRIS Mattress



Printed polyester woven ticking fabric is quilted with 3 nos of 18 density 7 mm peeled foam together with 18 gm/m2 non woven fabric as backing cloth. The corner of the mattress round shaped. Quilted panels stitched on the top.


Printed polyester woven ticking fabric is covered over the 8”x8 mm 13 density peeled foam

Inner Core

Construction Details Top to Bottom, 28 Density 20 mm PU  foam, 50 mm  80 Density Rubberised Coir Block (BIS Certified), 28 Density 20 mm PU  foam, 50 mm 80 Density Rubberised Coir Block (BIS Certified)


PVC film cover with 400 gauge and four corners of the mattress protected by the covering of corrugated 3 ply paper boards with centre band  wrapping

Brand : Rubco Sleeping System

Thickness : 6 Inch

Bottom: 250GSM Printed polyester woven ticking fabric

Corner Label : Exclusive film label provided at the corner

Warranty : 3 year

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The highly durable mattress effectively balances comfort and support that induces longer and peaceful hours of sleep. Further each Rubco mattress is meticulously designed employing VFO technology that assures enduring and uniform comfort at all positions of sleep.

VFO – Unique Advantage

VFO – Vertical Fibre Orientation of coir fibre – each fibre will act like a natural spring giving optimal support and balance. Due to the natural fibre and latex component, Rubco rubberized coir mattress are  bouncy and better support to the body.

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72x36x6, 72x48x6, 72x60x6, 72x72x6, 75x36x6, 75x48x6, 75x60x6, 75x72x6, 72x30x6, 72x33x6, 72x42x6, 72x54x6, 75x30x6, 75x33x6, 75x42x6, 75x54x6, 75x66x6, 78x30x6, 78x33x6, 78x36x6, 78x42x6, 78x48x6, 78x54x6, 78x60x6, 78x66x6, 78x72x6, 80x60x6, 80x72x6, 84x60x6, 84x72x6

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